This year’s Tennessee sales tax weekend, or rather, weekends since the state has established two in 2020, are officially here. For the first time, Tennesseans will have two weekends to purchase certain items while paying no sales tax. The first, which begins today, July 31st and goes through Sunday, August 2nd, allows for tax-free purchases on items such as school supplies, clothing, and now electronics. The second, which begins Friday, August 7th and goes through Sunday, August 9th, will allow consumers to enjoy tax-free meals from restaurants. Below is a more detailed breakdown of both weekends’ savings.

Tax Savings This Weekend

This weekend’s tax-free holiday follows the traditional weekend we’ve had in the past, with a couple extra chances for savings. This year, the spending limit on qualifying school supplies and clothing has doubled to $200 per transaction. In addition, consumers can now purchase eligible electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and cell phones, tax-free (up to $3,000 per transaction). With the majority of students participating in remote learning, this will be a great chance to save almost 10% on these purchases. It is important to note that these same tax savings rules will also apply to any internet purchases made during the holiday weekend.

Tax Savings on Food and Alcohol

The second tax free holiday beginning on August 7th will offer a unique twist on the traditional holiday. During this weekend, consumers will not be charged sales tax when dining (or taking out) at Tennessee restaurants. This includes sales tax on both food and alcohol. As of right now, there is no spending limit on these purchases to qualify for tax-free savings.

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