Don’t forget about this weekend’s part 2 of the sales tax holiday in Tennessee. This weekend, August 7th through 9th, you will be able to enjoy meals from Tennessee restaurants while paying no sales tax. Unlike last weekend’s sales tax holiday, this weekend there is no limit on the amount spent per transaction to qualify for tax-free savings. This holiday applies to food and drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) when dining in or taking out from restaurants. Do note, though, that the liquor by the drink tax will still be levied on liquor, wine, and high content beers during the holiday weekend. This liquor by the drink tax is imposed at a rate of 15%.

While most other surrounding states have already had their sales tax holidays, Georgians can benefit from another weekend in early October. The weekend of October 2nd through 4th, you can purchase ENERGY STAR and WaterSense appliances, tax-free. These tax-free savings apply to items priced up to $1,500 each.

Please reach out to an HHM professional if you have any questions.